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Our end-to-end solution will guide you through best practices and approaches to company diversity, equity and inclusion, helping you capture actionable employee feedback to increase employee engagement and reduce attrition.


Create a trusted, ongoing channel for continuous feedback


Capture employee sentiment and organize key insights


Identify what really matters to your team, in real-time and historically, to see trends and predict behavior


Act on insights to strengthen brand, team engagement and bottom-line

Why Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)?

Often the terms 'Diversity, Equity and Inclusion' get used interchangeably or without much explanation. This creates a sense of confusion and we'd like to help clear things up.


Diversity refers to the representation of individuals on your team or within your organization in comparison with one another and in proportion to a given population. Diversity can also relate to how well you attract variety in an applicant pool. An important piece to remember: diversity is both visible and not always visible.


Equity refers to the fairness of treatment of individuals on your team or within your organization especially in comparison with one another and in proportion to a given population. Equity encompasses aspects of pay; role representation; leadership representation; promotions; fair treatment in response to complaints; and also trends related to discipline, hiring/firing or discrimination. Equity largely involves quantitative data on how folks are treated once inside the organization.


Inclusion refers to the sense of belonging individuals experience on your team or within your organization. Aspects of inclusion tend to vary, or be subject, to an individual's identity (or intersection of identity) and are qualitative in-nature. Inclusion clarifies whether or not a person can bring their "full self" to work or how much "code switching" they may feel is needed to be seen as successful or competent in their role. Inclusion thrives on regularly listening to those around and believing their responses.

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